Natural Coconut Trees

Natural Coconut Trees

I took this picture when i visited a small village near Pangandaran a couple week ago. The village is surrounded by paddy fields and rows of coconut trees. They say hello and smile to me. Yes, i think so. And the yellow light make this view look so natural and wonderful. Love it much! >.<


A beautiful Dancing Tree

A beautiful Dancing Tree

When I first saw this tree, I yelled “wow”. She seemed want to show me that she can dance.

Me: Wow. You can dance?
Tree: of course. See how I wiggle my hips
Me: Awesome
Tree: see also something redness all over my body. am i sexy?
Me: Yes, even sexier than me.
Tree: Ah, but you’re more enchanting and interesting than me.
Me: Really?
Tree: Absolutely. Even you have a very beautiful pair of legs that could take you go to any place that you like.
Me: (Thinking and smiling). Thanks to remind me. Let’s praise to our Lord.
Me: May i take your picture, sexy lady?
Tree: you must, darling!
Me: ^u^

Bunder Mountain, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia –06/25/2013–