Great moment in Muara, Subang

I realize, I have little experience of traveling. However, every footstep that I carry on, is a gift from my Lord that I should be thankful for. And this is one of my life journey. In order to meet the task of studying, Me and my four friends were tasked to analyze the strategic commodities in the village of Muara, Subang. At that time we decided to analyze the tiger prawns. We live in home stay whose owner is mom with 3 sons.  We stayed there for about 40 days. Not only the science that we get, but also a new family. And I met a little boy who reminds me to someone in my past. Lol… This event took place in 2008 and we captured the photos with mobile camera both mine and my friend’s so the resolution is small.
Here they are…

This is a shrimp pond in the village of Muara, the original condition is more beautiful than the photo. Come alone and grab the picture using the better camera 🙂

The area is situated on the outskirts of the northern coast of Java. Farmers plant trees of mangrove to prevent abrasion of sea water.

This is our home stay. Luxurious enough for the student like me. The average resident in the village of Muara does have a nice home, although there are still families which pertained to deficiencies. A good home is a measure of success there. However, many people are more accentuated the consumptive lifestyles compared the culture of saving.

Well, this is our tiger prawn that we analyzed. This photo was taken at an auction of shrimp. The place was dirty and when the first came, fishy smell will probably interfere your sense of smell. But the place is the pulse of the economy of the community. This shrimp has a quite large size, it usually sent to the modern market or to fulfill export demand.

This is it, my beloved team. I am the one who half standing in the center ^u^


And this is the little boy who reminds me to someone. 😀
This handsome boy name is Iyan. He is the grandson of the owner of our home stay. He is smart and hyperactive. Sometimes very possessive, if he’ll take pictures with me, he never allow his cousin to take pictures with us, lol. hahaha …

A very great experience, give special color to my life. Thank you to everyone who involved in this moment and of course thanks to God who has brought me on this journey.


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